Strasbourg datacenter destroyed in fire, 15.000 servers down.

March 10 2021, a fire destroyed OVH’s Strasbourg datacenter and an estimated 15.000 servers hosted there.  

Fortunately we had no servers in this particular datacenter, but it is a grim reminder of the importance of reliable backups, not only on-server or on-site, but off-site as well.

All our servers are fully backed up by weekly snapshots stored off-site. In case of a disaster like this your server with us could be back in business in as little as 24 hours. The biggest delay would be in procuring replacement servers in alternative locations, and updates to IP addresses (that typically follows the datacenter location).

As an optional add-on service we can provide traditional file backup on a monthly, weekly or daily basis, still fully off-site.  Contact sales for a quote today.