Receiving Email from Ourhelpdesk

A lot of our communication will be through email. Everytime something happens - you sign up, issue helpdesk tickets, invoices are due, etc - an email is sent to your registered email address.

We do what we can to keep our end of the mail system working, but many email clients, including Gmail and Hotmail, employ their own proprietary spam blocking system which often will block non-spam as well.

To ensure you always receive important mail such as login details, invoices, renewal information etc. please whitelist our email addresses ( for invoices etc. and for support ticket updates). In Gmail and Hotmail all you need to do is add our email addresses to your contact list and it will automatically whitelist them. Other mail clients may require other methods, please check with your mail service provider.

If you are missing information from us, such as login information for new accounts, please check your spam folder. The email with the details is almost certainly waiting for you there.

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