My ISP has blocked access to port 2083 - how do I access cPanel?

At OurHelpdesk.NET, we meet this problem from time to time, so there is a solution to help. Here's how this works:

When you access cPanel normally, you are directed to the URL (with your account's server at the beginning).

Some ISPs block access to non-standard ports, including 2083, which means that you cannot access cPanel this way. This seems mostly to be a problem for people trying to access cPanel from an office environment.

The way around this is simple. It's a feature of cPanel called "Proxy Subdomains". You can enter and you'll get the cPanel login screen. You must use https for this, or it won't work.

Please note that you'll be using the shared SSL certificate for the server, which is installed for the fully-qualified domain name for the server ( You'll therefore get a warning in your browser that the URL you have entered ( does not match the URL for the certificate ( However you know that this is the reason for the warning, so it's safe to proceed.

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